2nd Annual 3DP4ME Fundraiser

This year’s fundraiser event was a great chance to celebrate our donors!  The event space was techy, the Mediterranean food was delicious, the Middle Eastern acoustic music beautiful, and smiles and conversations authentic.  This the atmosphere we hoped to create in planning 3DP4ME’s 2nd Annual Fundraising Event. The event was not about us.  It[…]

Expert Blog, Sharing our 3DP4ME Story

A big thanks to Dr. Jenny Chen and the 3DHEALS community! We are thrilled at the opportunity for our founder Jason, to write a guest blog sharing the 3DP4ME founding story. https://3dheals.com/3d-printed-hearing-aids-for-the-developing-world   3DHEALS Missions: Connect innovators and early adopters on a single platform in healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting, and related technologies. Educate global communities in language[…]