May 6, 2017

Advisory Council

Eric Gamble, Advisor

Eric graduated as a Hearing Aid Fitting Audiologist from Landesberufsschule für Hörakustik in Lübeck, Germany, in 2010 and got his German “Meister”-Title in 2014. He started his own business in 2015. He is focusing on customers who are less mobile and still want to enjoy the better quality of life a properly fitted hearing aid can bring. This includes 3d printed ear molds right at the customer’s location on the first appointment. His unique business model got awarded with the Future Hearing Award from Phonak in 2016.

Click here to learn about Eric’s business in Germany…


Gregor Ash, Advisor

Principal, Gregor Ash Consulting

Gregor, has close to 3 decades of experience in executive and project management, marketing and sales, export policy and strategy development. Gregor built a reputation for communication, networking, and creative problem solving. While Executive Director of the Institute for Applied Creativity (NSCAD University), Gregor collaborated with Mike to rapidly prototype a prosthetic leg – a collaboration that continued through a number of ventures focused around innovation and advanced applications of additive manufacturing.

Two-time political candidate and three times nominated for Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, Gregor was a founding member of Healthcare Innovation NS, the Pan Atlantic Cultural Export Committee, the Greater Halifax Arts Coalition, and member of the NS Arts & Culture Partnership Council and the Strategic Urban Partnership (Halifax).


Mike Fanning, Advisor

NOVACAD Systems Inc., Founder and president

Mike is an early adopter of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing technology. He has been working with industrial and academic clients throughout Atlantic Canada for close to decade.


Gregor & Mike, worked together on Natasha’s prototype back in 2014.