Our new office! A 100 yr old house in Salt.

Br. Andrew secured a short-term office for the Hearing Express Project here in Jordan.

The 100-year old patrician’s house is owned by an affluent family from Salt. A few years ago it was restored, it was brought back into its original state by Br. Andrew and others.

The owner was kind enough to offer the old house for our use. The house provides us a beautiful space to have meetings and execute our strategic plan.

Next door, is another building that 3DP4ME plans to remodel as our short-term 3-D printing lab solution. In the future, we will look to move the 3-D printing lab to a larger location with more parking.

A picture of the house from the street view.

A picture of the driveway leading up to the front door.

A picture of the building that we will remodel into our 3-D printing lab. It needs a little works.

This a picture from the side of the office, showing the lower levels.

This a picture from the second story looking down on the first story patio.

This is a special design in the tile. Originally made famous in the town of Madaba, Jordan.

This is the view from where we work.

The centerpiece is a fire place, but we had to change up the design. So we don’t actually use it.

This is the second story, it’s perfect for hosting events.

Br. Andrew knew a local furniture company owner of Jordan Wood Industries Company (JWICO), who donated office equipment so we could set up the space professionally. They came to the office and assembled it for us as well.

The city of Salt, has been known for millennia and presently the oldest site of antiquity shows us a part of the city walls dating back to 2200 BC or the days of Abraham. However, better known are the Roman and Byzantine tombs.

(Above) Is a picture of the old Salt city wall.

The bustling streets are full of people, little boutique shops, and lots of stories. The streets are narrow and you can feel the cobbled streets below your feet as you walk.

Salt nominated for Unesco world heritage site