July 4, 2017

“New” 3D Ear Scanner


(Headquarters in Boston)

Lantos 3D Ear Scanner

3dp4me plans to purchase the scanner when it becomes available, possibly in early 2019. The Lantos direct ear 3D scanner will have immediate benefits for our clients, collaborating partners, and 3dp4me.


Images Courtesy of Lantos Technologies

The 3D Ear Scanner digitally maps the topography of your ear all the way down to your eardrum.

Digital Mapping
The scanner collects over 100,000 data points, creating a 3D image of the unique geometry of the client’s ear. To make sure we get a perfectly tailored and comfortable fit.

A disposable membrane is inflated to conform to your ear’s unique anatomy and a 3D digital model is built in real time using the digital data points collected.

Summary of Steps:

1) Scan the ear directly, using the Lantos 3D Ear Scanner.
2) Design the digital model using Cyfex Software to prepare the stl file for 3D Printing.
3) 3D print the ear mold, using Asiga PRO2.
4) Finish the post 3D printing process


What are the benefits?

1) The easy scanning process takes two-minutes and it is safe, comfortable and accurate.

2) Eliminate the creation of an initial ear-impression mold. Which provides a direct solution to the flammable ear impression component.

3) We can provide more access to our client’s by directly going to them. (ie. Into a refugee camp or village)

4) The scanner is portable, onsite scanning by non-medical professionals.

5) We can increase our capacity and efficiency by 3D printing ear molds.
*All the while keeping up the highest standards of quality.

For more info visit https://www.lantostechnologies.com/#earscanner