We got approved as a NGO in Jordan!

We are so thrilled to announce, that 3DP4ME has received our registration approval as an NGO/charity in Jordan. Recently, we were also approved to open a bank account. So we are now operational in Jordan. We are so thankful to all our donors for contributing and allowing this big step to happen! Jason, our 3DP4ME[…]

Arif – New 3DP4ME Volunteer Cloud Expert!

We are so excited to announce our new 3DP4ME volunteer team member!!! “My name is Arif Hoque and I love solving challenging problems with technology. I also have a passion for working with mission-oriented organizations and educational institutions. For the past 6+ years, I have worked in various cloud environments with non-profit customers of all[…]

One Step Closer!

A milestone! On March 16th 2020, our 3DP4ME founder, Jason Szolomayer signed and submitted our formal application to register a subsidiary branch with the Jordanian government. Now we have to wait for final approval, before we can begin operations. This process now has been delayed given the COVID-19 pandemic. We are waiting to resume the[…]

“Dream Big”

Given the COVID-19 pandemic. 3DP4ME received this message from a USAID staff member on April 11, 2020. “I don’t expect anyone at USAID Jordan to have any bandwidth between now and the end of the pandemic to delve into your proposal idea.”   Huge thanks to Davide Sher and the 3dpbm media team for writing[…]

2nd Annual 3DP4ME Fundraiser

This year’s fundraiser event was a great chance to celebrate our donors!  The event space was techy, the Mediterranean food was delicious, the Middle Eastern acoustic music beautiful, and smiles and conversations authentic.  This the atmosphere we hoped to create in planning 3DP4ME’s 2nd Annual Fundraising Event. The event was not about us.  It[…]

Expert Blog, Sharing our 3DP4ME Story

A big thanks to Dr. Jenny Chen and the 3DHEALS community! We are thrilled at the opportunity for our founder Jason, to write a guest blog sharing the 3DP4ME founding story. https://3dheals.com/3d-printed-hearing-aids-for-the-developing-world   3DHEALS Missions: Connect innovators and early adopters on a single platform in healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting, and related technologies. Educate global communities in language[…]

3DP4ME Dinners

(That’s an incredible spread!)   Enjoy a relaxing dinner. Build community with other change-makers. Learn how to get involved and make an impact.   We had the idea of 3DP4ME advocates hosting dinners in their homes, inviting a few close friends to attend and learn more about 3DP4ME. Last month we had our first 3dp4me dinner[…]

Cyfex Software- Donation

Rolf Koch, CEO at Cyfex: “From what I have seen so far 3DP4ME is a commendable project that is really worth supporting. We are proud to be part of this project that is to help people to get hearing aids who otherwise would very likely have to go without them.”   As a first step,[…]