May 6, 2017

Get Involved

We are seeking champions of our cause.

of their precious time.
Empowering through their expertise.
Sharing their social influence.
Investing their capital wisely.

Together we will make a powerful impact.


We are seeking philanthropic partners.


If you represent a corporation looking to make an impact as a global citizen through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we would really enjoy having a conversation with you. We know it takes time to forge new partnerships and build trust between both parties. That’s why we are committed to listening and understanding your goals as the first step.

Contribute to Hearing Express project, operations, or tools that make our work possible.

Corporate Gift

Percentage of Sale
Gifts in Kind

Rally your employees and customers to fundraise and help spread the word.

Employee Fundraising
Customer Fundraising
Community Outreach

Help us “Give the gift of hearing”, by shining a spotlight on the impact of our work.

Media support
Gifted Social Media
Event Integration


We realize each foundation has their own dynamic purpose and focus. We are looking to build funding relationships, with those who share our passion for hearing, the middle east, and refugees. Also, we are looking for funding partners, who have a long term perspective. Because we know that real impact doesn’t happen in a 12 month funding cycles. If your interested, we would be thrilled to talk with you and learn more about your goals.

Donor Advised Funds (DAF’s)

As a donor-advised fund owner, you have already committed to making a lifetime of impact through your strategic philanthropy. We would be honored to talk with you and learn more about your goals and aspirations. 


Did you know? Only 4% of US charitable giving goes to “International affairs”.

Chart provided by Giving USA, report from 2016.